Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rock Bridge soccer team slogan a 'booming' success

Tuesday, September 14, 2010
BY Blair Weaver

COLUMBIA — The Rock Bridge soccer players chant ritualistically before their game:

“I say boom, you say town, Boom! Town! Boom! Town!”

The crowd hears it, the opposing teams hear it, but what does “Boomtown” really mean?

Senior captains Brady Wulff and Ryan Taylor are responsible for starting the team slogan. It started last year but has not come into play until this year. It was especially prominent in Tuesday night's 5-0 victory over Quincy-Notre Dame that pushed the Bruins' winning streak to seven games.

“The origin is pretty much a mystery,” Taylor said. “We started it out as just a catch phrase to get us pumped up and it stuck.”

The slogan is centered around some of their pregame huddles, chanted on the bus, posted at the top of the team’s blog and more.

“We always say it before every game and after every game, especially if we win,” Wulff said. “We even sometimes say it when we see each other at school.”

This slogan not only has the team pumped up, but after a recent fundraiser, the school has gotten pumped up, as well. They sold “Boomtown - RBHS Soccer” bracelets to other students at Rock Bridge, which almost everyone on the team already wears. The proceeds go towards buying more “Boomtown” apparel.

“We’ve made shirts, hats and wristbands that all say ‘Boomtown’ on them,” Wulff said while wearing his black ‘Boomtown’ hat.

Taylor said, “It’s definitely catching on with the whole school population.”